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Grade 1 spelling games

February 29, 2008

Spell ‘I cup.’ Read the letters out.

From the bus stop wait today.


Today’s happiness

November 8, 2007

is L.’s joy with wearing pigtails.  A scant 6 months ago, they hurt  her head.  Not anymore.  She can’t wait to put them in, and is awfully happy with herself when she wears them.

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I vote for Anna Schwartz

November 7, 2007

St. Louis Fed: WP 2007-048A “The Impact of Milton Friedman on Modern Monetary Economics: Setting the Record Straight on Paul Krugman’s ‘Who Was Milton Friedman?'”

I saw her discuss a paper once at a conference.  At 75 years old, she was an intellectual tiger.  And correct.  An intellectual hero.  So today, she is what makes me happy.

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November 6, 2007

How could it not make you happy?

One of my earliest memories is reading in the bed under the covers. And always getting caught. I shared a room with my sister, and she was always clever enough to turn her flashlight off first. So I was always getting into trouble.

The first book I remember reading multiple times was The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, even though we had to read it in school, I still remember many of the scenes, even now, some 25 years later. My younger brother and I spent many hours talking about that book. I remember reading Slaughterhouse-Five a few times. And lots of F. Scott Fitzgerald. I can still remember the plots of many of his short stories. For example The Diamond As Big As The Ritz. Hemingway stories, too. And Bellow. And…

More books will come back to now, since just writing this retrieved some memories. Likely while I am busy trying to concentrate on something else.

Things that matter

November 4, 2007

In an attempt to jump start writing again, I am going to try something new (for me, anyway). I am going to write about one thing that makes me happy every day, and try to explain why.

First, L. The best thing about a child is seeing her figure things out for herself. Seeing the joy she generally takes in just being herself.

A little bit about Godel

September 4, 2007

Best Free Documentaries: Dangerous Knowledge – Full Documentary

I remember being blown away with the result that the irrational numbers were ‘uncountable’ in grad school. To this day, 15 years later, I can still hear the grad school lectures about Cantor’s set in my head.

Something puzzling

August 31, 2007

about the real estate bubble narrative:

I also am unsure how Shiller’s concept of real estate price bubbles in “superstar” cities is to be reconciled with the fact that the problems with mortgage defaults initially proved to be most serious in rustbelt areas where there had been very little real estate price inflation.


via: Econbrowser: Report from Jackson Hole

The WSJ today reports that a good chunk of the defaults were not for owner occupied houses–real estate speculators–in the “superstar” markets, as far as I can tell.

There is something about lax credit standards, as much as  bubbles going on here. It is to empirically measure a ‘bubble,’ though.

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