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While I am thinking about music

October 16, 2007

Some nostalgia…

Bedazzled!: “Saturday Night” by The Bay City Rollers (Video)

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Recent cd obsession

October 16, 2007

We listened to Iron and Wine all day on Saturday.

L. is really enjoying that all of us are taking Mandarin; she even wants to practice with us. Though she did tell us ‘Your accent is not as good as mine. And it never will be as good.’

Lyrics that tickled my fancy

August 20, 2007

‘Love is like a bottle of gin, but a bottle of gin is not like love.’

from the song : Love is like a bottle of gin by Magnetic Fields (link to google music).

The more I listen to the CDs in that album, the more I like it. The delivery is great.

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I have always liked Los Lobos

April 25, 2007

There’s a lot of thing to think about after reading the interview…

Reason Magazine – How the Wolves Survive

Life is busy, or I would try for writing something more ambitious

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Downloads and sales

March 30, 2007

Here’s an interesting analysis—‘The Effect of File Sharing on Record Sales
An Empirical Analysis’ by Felix Oberholzer and Koleman Strumpf, pdf version of the manuscript .

The paper is forthcoming in Journal of Political Economy.

And the abstract:

A longstanding economic question is the appropriate level of protection for intellectual property. The Internet has drastically lowered the cost of copying information goods and provides a natural crucible to assess the implications of reduced protection. We consider the specific case of file sharing and its effect on the legal sales of music. A dataset containing 0.01% of the world’s downloads is matched to U.S. sales data for a large number of albums. To establish causality, downloads are instrumented using technical features related to file sharing, such as network congestion or song length, as well as
international school holidays. Downloads have an effect on sales which is statistically indistinguishable from zero, despite rather precise estimates. Moreover, these estimates are of moderate economic significance and are inconsistent with claims that file sharing is the primary reason for the recent decline in music sales.

Here’s another nice quote from the paper:

Even in the most pessimistic specification, five thousand downloads are needed to displace a single album sale. We also find that file sharing has a differential impact across sales categories. For example, high selling albums actually benefit from file sharing. In total the estimates indicate that the sales decline over 2000-2002 was not primarily due to file sharing. While downloads occur on a vast scale, most users are likely individuals who would not have bought the album even in the absence of file sharing.

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