Although I am not ‘pro-stimulus’

I am in favor of spending government money right now.  I think that simply giving a check to everyone with income below some threshold is the right thing to do, right now.

The devil is in the details–how big a check and what threshold?

Perhaps you want to slowly phase out the payment so there is not a discrete jump at some income level, to minimize the implicit tax on incomes for those crossing the threshold.

We already do this with food stamps and welfare payments.  Increase them, right now.  (That is a large part of the stimulus package).

Is this fiscal or monetary stimulus?  I am not so sure.

But today I read in the Wall Street Journal that the dairy board wants to kill cows to increase the price of milk.  I can only hope that this is a bargaining position.  There are people starving, yet they want to destroy food sources to prop up milk prices.  God help us.

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