The ‘House’ theory of economic policy

We have started watching the TV show House (obsessively) at my house. I think that people expect that government economic policy should be like House and his team on the show. Try everything with wild frenzy, and wait until the genius doctor figures it out. Because things can only be fixed if the genius and his team do lots of things. If House tells them to wait and do nothing for a while, his team becomes frantic.

People want our politicians to be like House and his team; we want someone to play House’s role, without ever waiting to let the economy figure it out for itself. But the economy is not like a patient, and we know a lot less about what any treatment will do, at least most of the time.

Sometimes we do, but the effects can take a long time to happen, and we have so many medicines going in, it is really hard to figure out what does what.

House is a great show, though.

Addendum: this is why I thought McCain was going to be a terrible president (he did not seem at all thoughtful to me, just frenzied, nay, mavericky) and why I think that Obama will be a good president.

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