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Overheard at the bookstore

July 24, 2008

‘What department are you in?’
[Blank stare]


Even worms do it…

July 24, 2008

Worms Do Calculus to Find Food | LiveScience

Never again will I feel bad teaching decision theory using calculus.


July 15, 2008

Credit protection on US Treasury bonds became more expensive on Friday. I wonder what the implied default probabilities are now. I wonder what the trading volume was.  Who was buying the insurance?

Accrued Interest: Maybe it’s another drill

I have been wondering about this too

July 15, 2008

The linked piece describes a plan to split up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. In a perfectly a competitive market, this should not do anything. But we don’t have such a market…

Third, having several Macs would encourage competition among them, which would probably drive mortgage rates down. As it is, Freddie and Fannie are dictating terms of the mortgage lending business.

Accrued Interest

The Onion is great!

July 14, 2008

‘Bubble’ is an overused word, but still…

Recession-Plagued Nation Demands New Bubble To Invest In | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source:

The Onion
Recession-Plagued Nation Demands New Bubble To Invest In
JULY 14, 2008 | ISSUE 44•29

WASHINGTON—A panel of top business leaders testified before Congress about the worsening recession Monday, demanding the government provide Americans with a new irresponsible and largely illusory economic bubble in which to invest.

“What America needs right now is not more talk and long-term strategy, but a concrete way to create more imaginary wealth in the very immediate future,” said Thomas Jenkins, CFO of the Boston-area Jenkins Financial Group, a bubble-based investment firm. “We are in a crisis, and that crisis demands an unviable short-term solution.”


A prominent finance expert asks Congress to help Americans rebuild their ficticious dreams.

Onion News Network:

Suspicious Package Industry Falls On Hard Times
APRIL 9, 2008
The current economic woes, brought on by the collapse of the so-called “housing bubble,” are considered the worst to hit investors

How many adults spend their time earning coins

July 7, 2008

on webkinz? A lot, I bet.