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I cut my right thumb

May 30, 2007

quite badly last weekend, and now have to wear a thick bandage. I am a lefty, but now really notice how many common things I do with my right hand because it is easier. Scissors, opening doors, doing up buttons, pushing buttons, etc. It’s because everything is set up for righties.

I always thought I was clumsy because stuff just seemed wrong. But maybe not. It’s not me, it’s the environment. I wonder how much this generalizes to other things, where people are not in the majority.


The sad state of economics education

May 24, 2007

Nearly 80% of People Believe Gas Prices Have Been Manipulated by Daily Fuel Economy Tip

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May 20, 2007

The busiest weekend of the year is over. I went to three graduation ceremonies this year, and one student banquet. L came to two of the graduation ceremonies, and is now obsessed with seeing me in my academic regalia.

It is inspiring seeing all these happy graduates. And I got some good news as well—a plaque this year at graduation for me—even though I did not even graduate.


May 16, 2007

A close relative is terminally ill, with an uncomfortable disease. Many changes, but the most striking is the new sense of urgency. If you cannot answer a question quickly, the conversation is over quickly. We conserve most on the resource in the most limited supply.

The end of the end

May 8, 2007

It’s almost the end of the end of the semester. That means that soon it will be the beginning of the beginning of summer.

L’s last year in her current school–off to elementary school next year. It means a school bus ride; I am going to miss the current walk/bike/city bus trip in the mornings.

Today I told her about her last name in China. She wants to incorporate that into her current name. And we will (we had kept the rest anyway.) Neat.