I am extremely shy. Shy enough so that I am often mistaken for being arrogant (even though I am not). Surprisingly, a large part of my job is to perform in front of large groups of people—I am good at that part of the job.

But being shy means that I am awkward around people. I rarely approach anyone new. And when someone approaches me, I tense up, involuntarily. Today we went to a kid’s party, where I watched L. interact with other kids. She is shy, but unlike me, she is good at interacting. It was neat for me to watch. She found a group to play with by simply asking kids to play with her. When she could not join one group, she calmly looked for another. Much less awkward than me.

I could never do that.

I wonder how I can help her with social skills. I don’t know what to do myself, so how can I tell her what to do?

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