More choice is supposed to make you better off. Ha!

Yesterday we went to buy new bikes. L’s was easy; only one in stock in her size, with training wheels. She loved it instantly, although there was some stress when we raised the training wheels 1/8th of a inch.

It’s too wobbly.

But that was easily fixed.

Then it was time for our bikes (my old mountain bike was stolen and my wife’s is 15 years old, so time for a new one for her). There are so many bike types now, we were frozen with indecision. Hybrid? Mountain? Exercise? With shocks? Without shocks? We picked a price. Even that really did not help, since there is a shocks versus weight versus derailer tradeoff. We were overwhelmed. We finally ended up with the basic one the salesman recommended.

In the end, I feel like it was more work than necessary.

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